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Patient Administration icon Work Group Maturity Level: 1Draft Use Context: Country: World, Not Intended for Production use
Official URL: Version: 5.0.0
active as of 2023-03-26 Computable Name: PracticeSettingCodeValueSet
Flags: Experimental OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.

This value set is used in the following places:

This is the code representing the clinical specialty of the clinician or provider who interacted with, treated, or provided a service to/for the patient. The value set used for clinical specialty has been limited by HITSP to the value set reproduced from HITSP C80 Table 2-149 Clinical Specialty Value Set Definition.


This expansion generated 26 Mar 2023

This value set contains 115 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-July 2022

  408467006 icon mental illness
  394577000 icon
  394578005 icon medicine
  421661004 icon banking and transfusion medicine
  408462000 icon care
  394579002 icon
  394804000 icon cytogenetics and molecular genetics
  394580004 icon genetics
  394803006 icon hematology
  408480009 icon immunology
  408454008 icon microbiology
  394809005 icon neuro-physiology
  394592004 icon oncology
  394600006 icon pharmacology
  394601005 icon physiology
  394581000 icon medicine
  408478003 icon care medicine
  394812008 icon medicine specialties
  408444009 icon dental practice
  394582007 icon
  408475000 icon medicine
  410005002 icon medicine
  394583002 icon
  419772000 icon practice
  394584008 icon
  408443003 icon medical practice
  394802001 icon medicine
  394915009 icon pathology
  394814009 icon practice
  394808002 icon medicine
  394811001 icon medicine
  408446006 icon oncology
  394586005 icon
  394916005 icon
  408472002 icon
  394597005 icon
  394598000 icon
  394807007 icon diseases
  419192003 icon medicine
  408468001 icon disability
  394593009 icon oncology
  394813003 icon ophthalmology
  410001006 icon medicine
  394589003 icon
  394591006 icon
  394599008 icon
  394649004 icon medicine
  408470005 icon
  394585009 icon and gynecology
  394821009 icon medicine
  422191005 icon surgery
  394594003 icon
  416304004 icon manipulative medicine
  418960008 icon
  394882004 icon management
  394806003 icon medicine
  394588006 icon (Child and adolescent) psychiatry
  408459003 icon cardiology
  394607009 icon dentistry
  419610006 icon endocrinology
  418058008 icon gastroenterology
  420208008 icon genetics
  418652005 icon hematology
  418535003 icon immunology
  418862001 icon infectious diseases
  419365004 icon nephrology
  418002000 icon oncology
  419983000 icon ophthalmology
  419170002 icon pulmonology
  419472004 icon rheumatology
  394539006 icon surgery
  420112009 icon surgery-bone marrow transplantation
  409968004 icon medicine
  394587001 icon
  394913002 icon
  408440000 icon health medicine
  418112009 icon medicine
  419815003 icon oncology
  394914008 icon
  408455009 icon radiology
  394602003 icon
  408447002 icon care
  394810000 icon
  408450004 icon studies
  408476004 icon and marrow transplantation
  408469009 icon surgery
  408466002 icon surgery
  408471009 icon transplantation
  408464004 icon surgery
  408441001 icon
  408465003 icon and maxillofacial surgery
  394605001 icon surgery
  394608004 icon
  408461007 icon surgery
  408460008 icon dentistry (Prosthodontics)
  394606000 icon dentistry
  408449004 icon
  418018006 icon surgery
  394604002 icon, nose and throat surgery
  394609007 icon
  408474001 icon and pancreatic surgery
  394610002 icon
  394611003 icon surgery
  408477008 icon surgery
  394801008 icon and orthopedics
  408463005 icon
  419321007 icon oncology
  394576009 icon & emergency
  394590007 icon medicine
  409967009 icon
  408448007 icon medicine
  419043006 icon oncology
  394612005 icon
  394733009 icon specialty--OTHER--NOT LISTED
  394732004 icon specialty--OTHER-NOT LISTED


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LvlA few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. For value sets, levels are mostly used to organize codes for user convenience, but may follow code system hierarchy - see Code System for further information
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