US Core Implementation Guide
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This page is part of the US Core (v6.0.0: STU6) based on FHIR R4. This is the current published version. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

Example Observation: Pediatric BMI Example

Generated Narrative: Observation

Resource Observation "pediatric-bmi-example"

Profile: US Core Pediatric BMI for Age Observation Profile

status: final

category: Vital Signs (Observation Category Codes#vital-signs)

code: BMI (LOINC#59576-9 "Body mass index (BMI) [Percentile] Per age and sex")

subject: Patient/child-example: Child Example " EXAMPLE"

encounter: : GP Visit

effective: 2019-05-04 12:12:29-0700

value: 65 % (Details: UCUM code % = '%')

note: CDC Males, 2-20 years Chart