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Title:All UCUM Expression for Distance

Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM). This value set includes all UCUM codes for units of length

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The UCUM codes, UCUM table (regardless of format), and UCUM Specification are copyright © 1999-2009, Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and the Unified Codes for Units of Measures (UCUM) Organization. All rights reserved.

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This value set includes codes from the following code systems:


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All codes from system

[Ch]French (catheter gauge)
[in_i]inch (international)
[mi_i]statute mile
[nmi_i]nautical mile
mL/({h'b}.m2)milliliter / h'b * (meter ^ 2)
mL/[sin_i]milliliter per square inch (international)
mL/m2milliliter per square meter
[ch_br]Gunter's chain
[ch_us]Gunter's chain Surveyor's chain
[cicero]cicero Didot's pica
[didot]didot Didot's point
[ligne]ligne French line
[lk_br]link for Gunter's chain
[lk_us]link for Gunter's chain
[nmi_br]nautical mile
[pca_pr]Printer's pica
[pied]pied French foot
[pnt_pr]Printer's point
[pouce]pouce French inch
[rch_us]Ramden's chain Engineer's chain
[rlk_us]link for Ramden's chain
AUastronomic unit


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