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2.15 Profiles defined as part of FHIR

This specification is a common platform standard that must be adapted to particular use cases. Some particular use cases are common or important enough to be described as a part of the specification itself. These are published as a "Profile" - a group of Structure Definitions (Constraints or Extensions), Value Sets, and examples that are all defined with a common purpose. Additional profiles may be registered on the HL7 FHIR registry at http://hl7.org/fhir/registry

Implementation Guides that define profiles: USLab | SDC | SDC-DE | DAF | EHRS-RLE | QICore.

Name Description
Element-definition Extensions for use by FHIR Implementers A set of extensions that constrain data elements, whether used in DataElements, StructureDefinitions or Questionnaires
ISO 11179 Element Definition Profile A profile showing how to use ElementDefinition to express 11179 Data_Element and Concept_Elements. At present, the profile is a partially-complete place-holder
DataElement constraint on ElementDefinition data type Identifies how the ElementDefinition data type is used when it appears within a data element
Common extensions for ElementDefinition data type Defines "common" extensions for use with the DataElement data type
General Extensions for use by FHIR Implementers A set of general extensions defined for the convenience of implementers that use FHIR resources
ISO 21090 Data Type Extensions Extra ISO 21090 features not included in data types because of core design policy
International Realm Pharmacy Extensions Profile Contains a number of pharmacy domain extensions relevant to a number of medication-related resources.
Extensions for rendering data elements A set of extensions dealing with controlling how particular data elements are rendered when displayed. Initially created for questionnaires, but potentially useable elsewhere.
United States Realm FHIR Profile Contains constraints and extensions to the FHIR specification specific to the US realm