STU3 Candidate

This page is part of the FHIR Specification (v1.8.0: STU 3 Draft). The current version which supercedes this version is 5.0.0. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

This page lists all the services defined by FHIR. Services are business level aggregations of Resources and Operations to provide a defined package of services that correspond to an identified business need.

Note that in addition to the services defined in this specification, many implementation guides define business level services.

Name Description Links
Terminology Service

A service that lets healthcare applications make use of codes, code systems, and value sets without having to become experts in the fine details of the code system, value set and concept map resources, and the underlying code systems and terminological principles. The service provides the following functionality:

  • Defining and managing code systems, value sets, and concept maps
  • Code lookup & Validation
  • Value Set Expansion (including for UI data entry support)
  • Value Set Validation
  • Translations between code systems
  • Subsumption testing and other logical analyses
  • Maintaining a closure table
Capability statement
Conformance Service

A service that provides the underlying services needed to test whether resources conform to the rules defined by the FHIR specification and applicable implementation guides, and to help author implementation guides. The service provides the following functionality:

  • Defining and managing structure definitions, data elements, Capability statements, search parameters, and operation & compartment definitions
  • Resource Validation
  • Comparing and subsetting Capability statements
To be developed

Possible candidate Business Services for future versions:

  • Conversion Service (using mapping language, and also iso-semantic transforms in a resource)
  • Questionnaire related finctionality (though see SDC)
  • Patient Registration & Reconciliation service (per IXS)
  • Medication Management service (home specific variant?)
  • Clinical Data Repository
  • Clinical Task Manager
  • Comminications Manager
  • ...?

Note that there is already past & current work on some of these in HL7 (though not necessarily FHIR specific).