Comprehensive V2 to FHIR Mapping Course

2024 Course Dates

  • May 2 – June 6, 2024
  • September 5 – October 10, 2024 


The objective of the course is to provide knowledge on HL7 V2 (Version 2) to HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) mapping. Use cases, scenario analysis and hands-on exercises are used extensively in this course.

Who should attend:

  • Engineers, business analysts and system designers
  • Clinical SMEs and HL7 integration team members dealing with HL7 V2 messages in their project work
  • Anyone who has V2 and FHIR knowledge and wants to learn mapping V2 to FHIR

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Have a good understanding of V2 messaging concepts
  • Obtain a good knowledge of FHIR resource concepts including a high-level understanding of Rest API, Bundle and Profiles
  • Learn the approach of mapping V2 messages to FHIR resources in depth through practical exercises

See the full brochure (pdf).

What to Expect

This is an asynchronous, instructor-led online course that allows you to work at your own pace.

You can expect:

  • Instructors who are HL7 FHIR experts and working professionals
  • Various learning modules consisting of recorded lectures, reading material and practice exercises
  • Live & interactive Q&A sessions each week
  • Assignments to practice understanding of V2 messages, understanding/writing FHIR resources (focus on JSON) and mapping V2 data to FHIR (such as mapping message, segment, data type, terminologies, etc.)


  • Should have good knowledge of V2 standard. Course will include a high-level refresher of V2 concepts but does not teach V2 standard in depth.
  • Should have good knowledge of FHIR standard. Course will include a high-level refresher of FHIR concepts but does not teach FHIR standard in depth.


  • Course does not cover HL7 V2 and FHIR in detail but covers only core concepts.
  • Course does not cover any of the FHIR Proficiency Certification Exam concepts.
  • Course does not cover conversion of V2 message to FHIR resource programmatically. Therefore, course does not require coding/programming knowledge.

How to Enroll

If registration for an upcoming course is open:

  1. Click on the Register button in the upper right side of the page
  2. Follow the instructions to register and pay for the course

Make sure to check if your organization is an HL7 member to receive the member discount.

If you have questions or experience difficulty registering for the course, please contact the Director of Education.

Course Price

Pricing is in US Dollars.

$450 HL7 Members
$675 Non-Members
$350 Middle Income Economies*
$275 Low Income Economies*
$350 Students**

*Low and Middle Income Economies as determined by The World Bank

**Students are required to submit proof of enrollment in an accredited university or college (in English). Either of the following documents is acceptable proof of enrollment:

  • A transcript showing the student is actively enrolled in the university or college as of the date of registration for the certification exam.
  • A letter from the Dean or Department chair stating that the student is enrolled for a time period that includes the date of registration for the certification exam. This letter must be on school letterhead, display a school seal or logo and contain a signature and phone number of the Dean or Department Chair.

Cancellation Policy

The course fee minus $50 processing fee will be refunded for cancellations before close of registration. For all cancellations after close of registration, there will be no refunds.

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