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HL7 Standards - Section 1: Primary Standards

SECTION 1 Primary standards are the most popular standards integral for system integrations, and interoperability. Our most frequently used and in-demand standards are in this category. (This section also includes the Version 2 and Version 3 solution sets, which encompass all standards relative to that version. Individual V2 and V3 standards are sold independently in the corresponding categories.)

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Name Description Type
C-CDA (HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: Consolidated CDA Templates for Clinical Notes - US Realm)

C-CDA Online: A navigation website for C-CDA 2.1

The Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) implementation guide contains a library of CDA templates, incorporating and harmonizing previous efforts from Health Level Seven...

CDA® Release 2

The HL7 Version 3 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®) is a document markup standard that specifies the structure and semantics of "clinical documents" for the purpose of exchange between healthcare provi...

FHIR® (HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)

FHIR is an interoperability standard intended to facilitate the exchange of healthcare information between healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, payers, researchers, and any one else involved in the healthcare ecosystem. It consi...

Normative, STU
HL7 Context Management Specification (CCOW), Version 1.6

This specification has been retired, and is being replaced by HL7 FHIRCast


Aimed at facilitating the integration of applications at the point of use, CCOW Context Management Specification is a sta...

HL7 Version 2 Product Suite

Become an HL7 V2 certified control specialist today!

Informative, Normative
HL7 Version 3 Product Suite

The Health Level Seven Version 3 (V3) Normative Edition—a suite of specifications based on HL7’s Reference Information Model (RIM)—provides a single source that allows implementers of V3 specifications to work with the full ...