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Section 1c: FHIR®
Section 3: Implementation Guides

HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Pharmacist Care Plan Document, Release 1 - US Realm


This implementation guide specifies FHIR profiles and other artifacts for the Pharmacist Care Plan, which are derived from requirements set forth by the Pharmacy Health Information Technology (HIT) Collaborative and the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) WG10 Professional Pharmacy Services, vendors, and Health Level Seven (HL7) stakeholder workgroups. Templates in this US Realm implementation guide are specific to pharmacy management treatment and interventions that will promote interoperability and will create information suitable for reuse in quality measurement, public health reporting, research, and reimbursement.


HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Pharmacist Care Plan Document, Release 1 - US Realm may also go by the following names or acronyms:

"HL7 FHIR® IG: C-CDA R2.1; Pharmacist Care Plan, Release 1 - US Realm", Pharmacist Care Plan, PeCP


  • Creates a process for pharmacy clinical documentation. 
  • Enables exchange of patient information related to medication management between a pharmacy provider and medical provider. 
  • Supports medication therapy management, medication adherence, medication optimization, electronic quality measurement, and care coordination to improve the quality of care for the patient. Supports the CMS Medicare Part D Enhanced Medicare Therapy Management (MTM) program that started on January 1, 2017.


• Known implementers: https://www.ecareplaninitiative.com/software-solutions)
  •  BestRx
  •  DataScan
  •  Liberty Software
  •  Micro Merchant Systems
  •  PioneerRx
  •  QS/1
  •  Amplicare
  •  ComputerRx
  •  McKesson
  •  Rx30
  •  Azova
  •  DocsInk
  •  FDS
  •  Pharmetika
  •  PrescribeWellness
  •  Strand
  •  AssureCare
• Organizations who sponsored the development of the specification:
  •  Community Care of North Carolina(CCNC)
  •  Pharmacy Health Information Technology (HIT) Collaborative
  •  National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA) Innovation Center
  •  National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP)


The Pharmacist Care Plan is a standardized, interoperable document containing information on medication-related activities, as well as patient-provider shared goals and plans for care. The Pharmacist Care Plan identifies resources for and obstacles to patient compliance with the recommended treatment. This type of data is not often captured in a structured and standard format that can be used for research, quality measurement, or public health reporting. The Pharmacist Care Plan supports the strategy of interoperability and information exchange promoting coordination of care among a variety of settings, thus improving the quality of care for the patient.
The current project builds on the work started in the NCPDP Pharmacist eCare Plan, which provides guidance for pharmacist and vendors as they implement the standard CDA R2.1 Care Plan document. The Pharmacist Care Plan electronic document standardizes exchange of information on medications dispensed and medication therapy problems.
The project has implemented both the CDA and the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Pharmacist Care Plan specifications in a pilot at Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC). Please note, the FHIR Pharmacist Care Plan is published separately from this CDA standard.
The burden of redundant data entry is a major factor limiting care planning to less than 15% of the CCNC population, which includes many at risk and care-intensive patients. Reducing redundant data entry and providing standard, structured data will enhance the ability of pharmacists to engage with patients and will improve the patient experience of care through comprehensive medication review with the pharmacists and care managers. Facilities received Pharmacist Care Plan files in both CDA and FHIR formats from implementing EHRs. In addition, participating systems convert CDA-based Pharmacist Care Plans to the FHIR format using transformation files.


HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Pharmacist Care Plan Document, Release 1 - US Realm


HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Pharmacist Care Plan Document, Release 1 - US Realm See the standard at http://hl7.org/fhir/us/phcp/STU1. Expiration Feb 2023


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