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Section 1c: FHIR®
Section 3: Implementation Guides

HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: International Patient Summary, Release 1


An International Patient Summary (IPS) document is an electronic health record extract containing essential healthcare information about a subject of care. The IPS dataset is minimal and non-exhaustive; specialty-agnostic and condition-independent; but still clinically relevant. As specified in EN 17269 and ISO/DIS 27269, it is designed for supporting the use case scenario for ‘unplanned, cross border care’, but it is not limited to it. It is intended to be international, i.e., to provide generic solutions for global application beyond a particular region or country.

A non-breaking update to IPS Implementation Guide to align with IPA with new profiles, incorporate common FHIR approaches, address SNOMED IPS evolution, highlight the role of document narrative and maintain ISO 27269 alignment. These points are from a more detailed summary on chat.fhir.org:

  • Addition of Bundle Profile http://build.fhir.org/ig/HL7/fhir-ips/StructureDefinition-Bundle-uv-ips.html
  • Addition of MedicationRequest Profile http://build.fhir.org/ig/HL7/fhir-ips/StructureDefinition-MedicationRequest-uv-ips.html
  • Addition of a $summary operation (Github Branch: https://github.com/HL7/fhir-ips/pull/17) - Reduction of Must Support (Github Branch: https://github.com/HL7/fhir-ips/pull/22)
  • Additional narrative guidance (Github Branch: https://github.com/HL7/fhir-ips/pull/27)
  • Terminology Updates (Github Branch: https://github.com/HL7/fhir-ips/pull/30)
  • Publication clean-up (Github Branch: https://github.com/HL7/fhir-ips/pull/23 and commits in Sept/Oct 2022) 

Standard available at http://hl7.org/fhir/uv/ips/STU1.1


HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: International Patient Summary, Release 1 may also go by the following names or acronyms:

"HL7 FHIR® IG: International Patient Summary, R1", IPS


  • Increases patient empowerment and the promotion of individual and community health in a global environment
  • Enables innovative ecosystem of eHealth/Health IT that supports the electronic exchange of human- and machine-readable health, clinical, medical and management information to advance the health of individuals and communities


Sponsor Agencies 

  • ONC
  • European Commission


The idea of the International Patient Summary has been one of the main results of the 2010 EU/US Memorandum of Understanding through its two operational arms: the European project Trillium Bridge and the Interoperability of EHR work group formed under the ONC Standards and Interoperability Framework (ONC S&I) EU/US eHealth Cooperation Initiative. These initiatives identified the need for common templates and vocabularies for the patient summary.
The Joint Initiative Council (JIC) on SDO Global Health Informatics Standardization has initiated the standard sets project with patient summary as its pilot; and the IPS became one of the main subjects of the new EU / US roadmap , having as a declared goal “to enable a standardized international patient summary (IPS) to be in use by 2020.”
The first standardization activity concerning the IPS was initially promoted in April 2014 by ONC within HL7 International. The project was called “INTERnational PAtient Summary (INTERPAS)”. In May 2016, the European Commission granted an Agreement with CEN/ TC 251, recognizing the need to effectively support the leadership and active participation in IPS standardization activities. A formal agreement between HL7 International and CEN/TC 251 was signed in April 2017 in which these organizations established “in order to further the care for citizens across the globe […] to collaborate on a single, common International Patient Summary (IPS) specification”; and that “the IPS specification shall focus on a minimal and non-exhaustive Patient Summary dataset, which is specialty-agnostic and condition-independent, but still clinically relevant.”
This successful cross SDOs collaboration effort lead to the development of several products: CEN/TC 251 focused on the IPS dataset, formalized by the CEN/TC 251 European standard (EN) 17269:2019 "Health informatics - The International Patient Summary"; now moved in ISO as ISO/DIS 27269. HL7 has worked on the HL7 CDA Implementation Guide, published as STU in October 2018; and on the HL7 FHIR IG (this publication). SNOMED CT has published a subset of freely usable SNOMED CT concepts (Global Patient Set); IHE has recently started to work on a new IHE IPS profile.


HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: International Patient Summary, Release 1


HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: International Patient Summary, Release 1 STU 1.1 See the standard at http://hl7.org/fhir/uv/ips/STU1.1/. (Submit Feedback on STU)
HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: International Patient Summary, Release 1 Please see the resource detail for link and download instructions. Expiration May 2022


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