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Section 1e: Version 3 (V3)

RIMBAA (Java SIG) API Demo Release (2005)


Java API to HL7 Version 3 RIM demo release from September 2005 is an unballoted contribution to complement the HL7 Version 3 product suite which describes a generic API that can be fed both MIF files and message instances. In this approach an application can intelligently know how to handle the message and thus load it into memory in its RIM graph representation. Additionally -- and most usefully -- this information, once in memory, can automatically be "persisted" into a database; no real-world applications deal only with temporary data in memory that disappears as soon as the application exits.


An ideal API for dealing with HL7 V3 XML messages should have the following features:

-  It can handle any new or unknown type of message as long as the MIF file were available.
-  It can transform an incoming XML message into a RIM graph representation in memory so that
      the application can perform any required business logic.
-  It can persist the RIM graphs to a database.
-  In reverse, it can reconstruct the RIM graph from the database.
-  It can create a new HL7 V3 XML message from the in-memory representation.

The Java SIG's project, the Java API to HL7 Version 3 RIM, has been in development since 2002. The API has all five of these features.

The object-to-relational database mapping is accomplished with the open-source Hibernate technology.


RIMBAA (Java SIG) API Demo Release (2005)

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