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This is a table defined as part of HL7 v2 .


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FHIR Value set/code system definition for HL7 v2 table 0009 ( AMBULATORY STATUS)

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Note: V2 code systems may or may not be case sensitive. V2 Code systems will have the CodeSystem.caseSensitive correctly populated in a future version of this specification.

This value set is not currently used

This code system defines the following codes:

A0 en: No functional limitations
de: Keine funktionalen Einschränkungen
nl: Geen functionele beperkingen
from v2.1
A1 en: Ambulates with assistive device
de: Patient benötigt Hilfsmittel
nl: Loopt met ondersteunend middel
from v2.1
A2 en: Wheelchair/stretcher bound
de: Rollstuhl / Trage notwendig
nl: Gebonden aan rolstoel/stretcher
from v2.1
A3 en: Comatose; non-responsive
de: Komatös; nicht ansprechbar
nl: Comateus; niet-responsief
from v2.1
A4 en: Disoriented
de: Desorientiert
nl: Gedesoriënteerd
from v2.1
A5 en: Vision impaired
de: Sehstörung
nl: Visueel beperkt
from v2.1
A6 en: Hearing impaired
de: Schwerhörigkeit
nl: Auditief beperkt
from v2.1
A7 en: Speech impaired
de: Sprachstörung
nl: Spraak beperkt
from v2.1
A8 en: Non-English speaking
de: der Landessprache nicht mächtig
nl: Niet-Engelssprekend
from v2.1
A9 en: Functional level unknown
de: Unbekannter Zustand
nl: Functioneel niveau onbekend
from v2.1
B1 en: Oxygen therapy
de: Sauerstofftherapie
nl: Zuurstoftherapie
from v2.1
B2 en: Special equipment (tubes, IVs, catheters)
de: Besondere Hilsfmittel
nl: Speciale middelen (slangen, infuzen, catethers)
from v2.1
B3 en: Amputee
de: Amputation
nl: Amputatie
from v2.1
B4 en: Mastectomy
de: Brustamputation
nl: Mastectomie
from v2.1
B5 en: Paraplegic
de: (Querschnitt-) Lähmung
nl: Dwarslaesie
from v2.1
B6 en: Pregnant
de: Schwanger
nl: Zwanger
from v2.1

This code system defines the following codes:

A0 No functional limitationsfrom v2.1
A1 Ambulates with assistive devicefrom v2.1
A2 Wheelchair/stretcher boundfrom v2.1
A3 Comatose; non-responsivefrom v2.1
A4 Disorientedfrom v2.1
A5 Vision impairedfrom v2.1
A6 Hearing impairedfrom v2.1
A7 Speech impairedfrom v2.1
A8 Non-English speakingfrom v2.1
A9 Functional level unknownfrom v2.1
B1 Oxygen therapyfrom v2.1
B2 Special equipment (tubes, IVs, catheters)from v2.1
B3 Amputeefrom v2.1
B4 Mastectomyfrom v2.1
B5 Paraplegicfrom v2.1
B6 Pregnantfrom v2.1

This code system defines the following codes:

A0 Keine funktionalen Einschränkungenfrom v2.1
A1 Patient benötigt Hilfsmittelfrom v2.1
A2 Rollstuhl / Trage notwendigfrom v2.1
A3 Komatös; nicht ansprechbarfrom v2.1
A4 Desorientiertfrom v2.1
A5 Sehstörungfrom v2.1
A6 Schwerhörigkeitfrom v2.1
A7 Sprachstörungfrom v2.1
A8 der Landessprache nicht mächtigfrom v2.1
A9 Unbekannter Zustandfrom v2.1
B1 Sauerstofftherapiefrom v2.1
B2 Besondere Hilsfmittelfrom v2.1
B3 Amputationfrom v2.1
B4 Brustamputationfrom v2.1
B5 (Querschnitt-) Lähmungfrom v2.1
B6 Schwangerfrom v2.1

Dit code systeem definieert de volgende codes:

A0 Geen functionele beperkingenfrom v2.1
A1 Loopt met ondersteunend middelfrom v2.1
A2 Gebonden aan rolstoel/stretcherfrom v2.1
A3 Comateus; niet-responsieffrom v2.1
A4 Gedesoriënteerdfrom v2.1
A5 Visueel beperktfrom v2.1
A6 Auditief beperktfrom v2.1
A7 Spraak beperktfrom v2.1
A8 Niet-Engelssprekendfrom v2.1
A9 Functioneel niveau onbekendfrom v2.1
B1 Zuurstoftherapiefrom v2.1
B2 Speciale middelen (slangen, infuzen, catethers)from v2.1
B3 Amputatiefrom v2.1
B4 Mastectomiefrom v2.1
B5 Dwarslaesiefrom v2.1
B6 Zwangerfrom v2.1