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COVID Policy

January 2023 Working Group Meeting and FHIR Connectathon Guidelines

The HL7 meeting policies are predicated on our wish to provide a safe environment for all of our attendees and staff.

After reviewing the most current evidence provided by public health and safety experts, the HL7 International Board of Directors has determined that the January WGM and FHIR Connectathon can be the most productive, interactive and safest events possible by enacting the following policy:

  • Proof of vaccination is not required
  • Masks are strongly encouraged but not required
  • All attendees are expected to be free from active COVID19 infection. We will not ask for evidence to demonstrate this. We will provide onsite testing kits at a nominal cost if you wish to avail yourselves of testing.
  • Should any attendee test positive with COVID, they are not allowed to attend any HL7 activities.  
  • If HL7 becomes aware of a potential COVID exposure which occurs during the event, all attendees will be alerted, allowing attendees to modify their behavior as they feel comfortable

By registering for this event, you acknowledge that you read and agree with the related COVID Policy. HL7 International is not responsible for any participants' travel related expenses such as airline or hotel cancellation fees should they cancel or if HL7 International is required to cancel. By attending an HL7 International event, you assume responsibility for the risk of injury or sickness and the related results of such an occurrence. You assume and accept these risks and release and waive HL7 International, its officers, employees, agents and contractors for any and all claims, suits and causes of action arising out of or related to any injury, sickness, infection and other related results.

HL7 International COVID Protection Policy

Approved by the HL7 Executive Committee on December 13, 2021

After review of the most current evidence provided by public health and safety experts, the HL7 International Board of Directors has determined that HL7 events can be the most robust, productive, interactive and safest conferences possible by requiring full COVID-19 vaccination (as defined by your country/domicile) for entry.

Right of Entry

HL7 will define specific Right of Entry Protocols that reflect these principles and that comply with prevailing public health guidelines and local public health regulations in the event location. As new developments arise over the coming months, HL7 will continue to refine adopt the most recent requirements for the Right of Entry Protocol as required.


Watch this space for updates and additional details regarding specific events.



Upcoming In-Person Events

The following are the upcoming events which offer an in-person attendance option. Please be sure to follow the specific covid guidelines for each event.

HL7 Working Group Meeting - January 2023

HL7 FHIR Connectathon - January 2023