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COVID Policy

HL7 International COVID Protection Policy

Approved by the HL7 Executive Committee on December 13, 2021

After review of the most current evidence provided by public health and safety experts, the HL7 International Board of Directors has determined that HL7 events can be the most robust, productive, interactive and safest conferences possible by requiring full COVID-19 vaccination (as defined by your country/domicile) for entry.

Right of Entry

HL7 will define specific Right of Entry Protocols that reflect these principles and that comply with prevailing public health guidelines and local public health regulations in the event location. As new developments arise over the coming months, HL7 will continue to refine adopt the most recent requirements for the Right of Entry Protocol as required. At this time, there are no protocols required. 


Watch this space for updates and additional details regarding specific events.



Upcoming In-Person Events

The following are the upcoming events which offer an in-person attendance option. Please be sure to follow the specific covid guidelines for each event.