Certification Test Policy

No Show, Late Arrival and Rescheduling

The exam cancellation/change deadline for any electronic exam that has been scheduled is as follows:

  • No additional fees are assessed if notification of change or cancellation is made 5 days prior to the scheduled date before noon ET. If changes are made within 5 days, you will be assessed a $95 rescheduling fee. If you cancel within 5 days you will be assessed the full testing fee.
  • Changes/cancellations must be made and confirmed through the Kryterion Registration website.
  • Once the test-taker has registered and is scheduled for an appointent at a Kryterion test site, s/he cannot transfer his or her appointment to another Kryterion test site that is not served by the same regional center.

Test-takers will be charged the entire certification exam fee in the event that they negligently "no show" for the certification exam.


Once you schedule your test date it will be important that you take the test on your scheduled date. Refunds are only issued if HL7 receives notice of cancellation 5 days before noon of the testing day. You will forfeit your exam fee and it will not qualify to be applied to a rescheduled test if you miss your scheduled appointment without following the rescheduling procedures outlined above.


If we are unable to process your application, a portion of the application fee less a $50 administrative fee will be returned to you. However, once your application is accepted, the fee is nonrefundable.

Check-in at Testing Location

Test-takers are required to provide a photo ID and a Testing Confirmation to the Proctor prior to admittance to the testing area. All test-takers are required to sign a log-in sheet for signature verification. Test-takers will not be allowed to bring personal items into the testing area including handbags, phones, earphones, paper, books, iPods®, or other electronic devices to ensure a secure testing environment. Proctors will provide any testing aids such as pencils and scratch paper.

After the Exam

Notification of Results
Upon completion of the exam your results will appear on your screen.

If you pass the exam
After completing the examination, test-takers will receive a certificate via email.

If you do not pass
You may retake the exam at any time by registering and paying for the test through HL7.