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Standards Governance Board

Merged with Technical Steering Committee FHIR Governance Board (Archived)


Merged with Technical Steering Committee.


The HL7 Standards Governance Board (SGB), establishes the precepts (rules) that management and methodology groups apply as operational instructions across domains within the scope of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC). These precepts provide the basis for consistency across product families and product lines when used to define the creation, maintenance and balloting of standards products, while supporting organizational strategic goals and vision.


The SGB will focus its on enabling the following:

  • Precepts that require consistency and conformity across all product families and product lines
  • Specifications that are and remain coherent and meet organizational objectives
  • Stakeholders feel that the specifications are meeting their needs
  • Specifications are developed and evolve in a transparent process

Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes

Primary activities of the SGB include:

  • Identifying and managing risk, those things with the highest risk and greatest consequence are the items that shall have precepts clearly defined
  • Defining and maintaining the “principles” on which product families are based
  • Enforcing alignment of methodology, guidelines, conformance and Quality Assurance (QA) practices with those principles
  • Defining governance precepts necessary to support the "principles" above
  • Define metrics by which progress towards the objectives of the management and methodology groups can be measured and evaluated
  • Make recommendations to the TSC regarding the appointment of members to management and methodology groups and overseeing those group’s effectiveness
  • Provide guidance on issues escalated by management groups that will enable them to resolve those issues
  • Approve the assignment of products to product families, work groups bring their suggested assignment to the SGB for approval
  • Approve the establishment of product lines  and/or assign work group products to existing product lines
  • Recommendations for the establishment of new management and/or methodology groups will be sent to the TSC from the SGB for approval
  • Recommendations for  product line and product family roles, management or methodology, responsibilities will be sent to the TSC from the SGB for approval
  • Maintain a complete listing of products to product families and products to product lines (Phase II of the HL7 Business Architecture Model (BAM), not yet complete. Once Phase II BAM is completed, harmonize the process.)
  • Review and approve goals for product lines/families established by either the management or methodology group 

Formal Relationships With Other HL7 Groups

  • The SGB is appointed by and reports to the HL7 Technical Steering Committee (TSC). Appeal of SGB decisions may be submitted to the TSC.
  • The SGB recommends the appointment of management group members, monitors the activities of the management groups (review and approve [adjudicating] plans from the Management Groups).
  • The SGB reviews and approves methodology, guidelines and rules proposed by the Methodology Group.
  • The SGB adjudicates issues between the management group and the methodology group.
  • The SGB coordinates with the Management Groups through liaisons identified by the Management Groups

Formal Relationship With Groups Outside of HL7

The SGB has no formal relationships with groups outside HL7.