ISO/JIC Ballots

When HL7 runs an ISO or JIC ballot, it will be listed on the Ballot Desktop. For more information, please see HL7's Collaboration with ISO and JIC where you can find an overview, HL7 procedural information, and a listing of active projects.

Balloting Schedule

Please see the Publishing/Voting Calendars for the current balloting schedule


Voting on candidate standards and documents is available to both members and non-members. The Ballot Desktop for voting on candidate standards and documents can be found at the link below:

Please note that to actively vote you must be logged in with a valid voting member id and password.

In addition, one or more overviews of all of the ballots in any ballot cycle are contained in the Announcement Documents found above the listing of Ballot Document pools. Voters are referred to these announcements for detailed information about the various pools including the Unique Ballot ID used to identify each pool.

The Ballot Desktop will default to the most current Ballot Cycle. Those interested in voting must join the Ballot Pools they are interested in using the Join a Pool link. The Signup Close Date for each pool is listed along with the individual Ballot Open and Ballot Close dates.

Please note that the Ballot Document links will either provide you with a download of the ballot material(s) or link you to the Version 3 Ballot Site. In this latter case, after clicking past the Version 3 Ballot Introduction page, voters may click on the V3 Ballot Packages link in the Welcome section of the Package Note to Readers. This section includes links to each of Version 3 domains or documents that are balloting to help you quickly navigate to the sections you are interested in.

NOTE: Ballot Comment Spreadsheets are provided for each ballot. They are located in the zip file found in the far right "Cmnt" column. This zip file will contain a complete set of ballot comment spreadsheets, so you only need to download it once. Please do not use any old ballot spreadsheets from previous cycles as we continue to make improvements each ballot cycle.

Membership is reminded that ANSI rules dictate that all voting individuals in an initial Normative ballot pool MUST be included in any subsequent Normative ballots. Thus, if a document is going out for a 2nd Normative ballot, all individuals who actively voted in the first ballot are automatically subscribed as members of the pool for the 2nd Normative ballot. If you do not wish to continue to participate, please use the Ballot Desktop to remove yourself from the pool.