Why Join HL7 International?

HL7 membership offers valuable resources and services for healthcare providers, government stakeholders, payers, pharmaceutical companies, vendors/suppliers, and consulting firms.

Here are some of the benefits that come with HL7 membership:

  • Influence the technical and policy environment of the future by voting on standards
  • Show the industry that you are a leader who is helping to make interoperability a reality
  • Manage your implementation costs and speed time to market
  • Access industry information to help make more informed business decisions
  • Learn best practices from industry leaders
  • Reduce your training budget
  • Gain immediate access to HL7 FHIR and other HL7 standards

Learn more: Membership Has Its Advantages

NOTE:  Memberships are non-refundable.

Benefactor Membership

Our highest class of membership, for organizations that want it all and are willing to support HL7's mission

Beyond the benefits of Gold Membership, Benefactors GET:

  • Maximum number of voting members. Benefactors get the highest number of voting members included with their membership
  • 10 free half-day seats at HL7 WGM Tutorials every year, 5 more than Gold members
  • Use of HL7's Benefactor Member logo
  • Early Bird discounts all the time. Benefactors receive the HL7 Early Bird price for Work Group Meetings and Educational Summits regardless of when they register (even onsite!)
  • The highest discounts on on-site instruction. Benefactors pay $1,000 USD per day less than Gold members
  • 4 Opportunities to promote Implementation Case Studies as Webinars or in written format. 2 more opportunities than Gold members
  • Your organization's logo displayed on the homepage
  • Your organization's URL, logo, and description listed with other benefactors on the HL7 website
  • Your organization's name listed in HL7 press releases and annual reports
  • Presentation of a special benefactor HL7 plaque of appreciation each year

Gold Membership

A premium offering for organizations wanting more benefits and better access to HL7's expertise

Beyond the benefits of Organizational Membership, Gold Members GET:

  • Even more voting members. Get additional votes for your organization
  • Small meetings with HL7 leaders and knowledge experts
  • 5 free half-day seats at HL7 WGM Tutorials every year
  • Use of HL7's Gold Member logo
  • Discounted on-site instruction for your organization
  • 2 Opportunities to promote Implementation Case Studies as Webinars or in written format
  • Special recognition in HL7 press releases, promotional materials, newsletters, and on the website
  • Recognition at HL7 Working Group Meetings
  • Your organization's URL, logo, and description listed with other gold members on the HL7 website
  • Presentation of a special HL7 plaque of appreciation each year

Organizational Membership

For organizations wishing to enjoy the benefits of HL7 membership

Beyond the benefits of Individual Membership, Organizational Members GET:

  • Multiple voting members - Get your team involved in shaping the standards
  • Use of HL7's Organizational and "Care Connected" logos
  • Free job postings on HL7's job board
  • Member discounts on meeting registration, educational offerings, and other items apply to all employees of the organization, not just named voting members
  • The right to distribute HL7's standards on an internal basis solely for use within your organization
  • Authorization to use excerpts from HL7 Standards in your implementation guides and the right to distribute your IGs to your customers
  • Recognition of your organization in HL7 newsletters

Individual Membership

For individuals not representing organizations

  • Immediate access to all HL7 standards as they are released. No 3 month wait required!
  • One vote in each of HL7's standard and administrative ballots
  • Access to HL7's technical help desk; get your implementation questions answered
  • Significant discounts on HL7 meeting registration, educational offerings, bookstore orders, and other items
  • Access to Member Advantage webinars
  • Profile listing in HL7's global membership directory
Become an Individual Member
Become an Organizational Member
Become a Gold Member
Become a Benefactor Member

Student Membership and Healthcare Professional Membership

Special discounted type of Individual Membership for those who qualify.

Membership does not include voting rights on HL7 ballots or governance elections. Some special terms and programs apply.
See more information about Student Membership or Health Professional Membership.