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Show the industry that you are a leader who is helping to make interoperability a reality

Benefactor membership offers the highest level of benefit for your investment in HL7.

Influence the technical and policy environment of the future by voting on standards

The ability to vote on HL7 standards is one of the most important benefits of membership. Voting on HL7 standards is the best way to influence the use and implementation of standards at the federal level. Benefits include:

  • Maximum voting members so you can involve more of your team in shaping standards
  • Ability to transfer voting rights between individuals within your organization

Align your organization with HL7 and give your partners and customers confidence that your products and services are developed using the world's most-widely adopted healthcare standards

  • Four (4) opportunities to promote implementation case studies 
  • All voting members have the ability to run for leadership positions
  • Special recognition in HL7 press releases, promotional materials, newsletters and on the website
  • Use of the HL7 Benefactor Member logo
  • Your organization's name listed in HL7 press releases and annual reports
  • Your organization's logo displayed on homepage
  • Recognition at HL7 WGMs
  • Profile listing in HL7's Global Membership Directory
  • Your organization's name, URL, logo and description listed with other benefactor members on the HL7 website

Manage your implementation costs and speed time to market

Access relevant industry information to help make more informed business decisions

HL7 membership offers exclusive access to thought leaders and market intelligence that can help give your organization a competitive advantage in the industry and support effective strategic decision-making.

  • Quarterly newsletter featuring articles from HL7 peers around the globe
  • Free members-only HL7 webinars conducted in association with other industry partners

Learn best practices from industry leaders

The ability to network at HL7 meetings provides you with valuable opportunities to collaborate with and learn from industry leaders and international thought leaders.

Reduce your training budget

  • Ten (10) free half-day seats at HL7 WGM tutorials (or equivalent virtual educational offerings), per year
  • Early bird discounts for all WGMs regardless of when you register (even on-site)
  • Free Member Advantage webinars
  • 20%+ discount on in-person events, including all working group meetings, the annual plenary session, policy events, and the HL7 FHIR Institute and Meaningful Use Standards Implementation Workshops
  • 20%+ discount on HL7 webinars, including online offerings of the HL7 FHIR Institute and archived webinars in the Education Portal
  • Highest level of discount on virtual classroom training so your staff can learn from their desks standards like HL7 Version 2, HL7 Version 3, Clinical Document Architecture, and the latest framework, HL7 FHIR

Access to HL7 FHIR and other HL7 standards

  • The right to distribute HL7's standards on an internal basis solely for use within your organization
  • Authorization to use excerpts from HL7 Standards in your implementation guides and the right to distribute to your customers


The price for a Benefactor Membership depends on which category your organization falls into, and also on its revenue or expenditures. Please consult the tables below to determine pricing for your organization.

Additional voting memberships are available for $775 per year. Scroll down for a complete pricing table. 

Please note: all HL7 memberships are non-refundable.

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