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HL7's Collaboration with ISO and JIC

Submitting HL7's ANSI-approved Standards for ISO Approval:

Once an HL7 standard is ANSI-approved or is published as a Standard for Trial Use (STU), it can be submitted for approval by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) under a special agreement.


High-level overview of HL7/ISO project approval steps:

  1. Approval of project through PMO
  2. ISO balloting procedure flow diagram
  3. ISO Ballot Stages
  4. Detailed Procedures for Taking HL7 Standards Through the ISO Ballot Process (for co-chairs)

Current HL7/ISO Projects

The projects currently underway from HL7 for ISO approval are available here.

If you are aware of a project that needs to go to ISO, please let us know at .

Ideally, the HL7 work groups that are promoting a standard to ISO should identify national champions for the specifications that can support the ISO mirror liaisons, as an ISO project requires participation by five countries.

JIC Projects, and How HL7 Participates in Them:

The Joint Initiative Council (JIC) is a group comprised of the following SDOs: ISO (TC 215), CEN (TC 251), GS1, CDISC, IHTSDO, and HL7. These SDOs coordinate standards development efforts and work to develop a single standard in areas where that makes sense. Initially, the group was formed by ISO, CEN and HL7 under the SDO Plan of Action for Global Health Informatics Standards. When the JIC SDOs coordinate their efforts, the standard document is ballot simultaneous by each of the participating SDOs following their own ballot procedures. When approved, the standard carries the logos of all participating SDOs and is jointly copyrighted by them as well.

If there is a project from the JIC, HL7 JIC liaisons, Ed Hammond and John Quinn, will coordinate with the appropriate Work Group within HL7 to work on the project and appoint an HL7 project liaison. This is the person that HL7 members can contact for an update on the JIC project.


High-level overview of JIC Ballot Steps:

  1. Approval of HL7 project through PMO
  2. JIC process stages flow diagram
  3. JIC high level process for co-chairs
  4. Detailed ballot instructions for JIC projects (for co-chairs)

Current JIC Projects

The list of JIC projects currently active in HL7 is here.