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User Groups

Notice: HL7 no longer has active User Groups.


What is a user group?

A group of HL7 users (including both HL7 members and non-members) with common interests in implementing, rather than creating, one or more HL7 standards. HL7 User Groups will set their own agendas that may include common interests such as learning about or defining best practices to simplify and reduce the cost of implementation, exploration and identification of gaps in current standards that prohibit effective implementation, sharing lessons learned, hosting connectathons, learning about available HL7 enabled products, or other activities as deemed appropriate.

Immunization User Group

Payer User Group


User Group Policies

  • Non-HL7 members: Individuals may pay to join the user group at a rate of $200 for 12 months, after which date their subscription will expire and is not eligible for renewal unless they or their organization joins HL7.
  • Non-voting HL7 members: Individuals whose companies have an organizational membership but are not voting members may pay to join the user group for 12 months at a rate of $100, after which date their subscription may be renewed on a yearly basis.
  • HL7 voting members: This policy does not affect current HL7 voting members. The user group subscriptions will remain free and renewable on a yearly basis.