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HL7 - National Library of Medicine Contract Information

This is a three-year project with the following goals:
  • Develop and apply methods to ensure UMLS Meta-Thesaurus is in step with HL7 Vocabulary Standards
  • Conduct pilot transfer of EHR data using HL7 Messaging and Implementation guides
Through this contract HL7 will provide data and services necessary:
  1. to ensure Consolidated Health Informatics (CHI) vocabularies as distributed through NLM's UMLS Metathesaurus are usable with Health Level Seven (HL7) and
  2. to create implementation guide(s) for the use of HL7 to transmit electronic health record (EHR) data and documents between two systems, independent of source and destination architectures.
More details and downloadable materials on these two projects are available at EHR project and also at Vocabulary project web pages.

Management team:
  • EHR Co-leaders: Bill Braithwaite, Ed Hammond and Mark Shafarman
  • EHR project management: Caroline Harrison and Mark Shafarman
  • Vocabulary Co-leaders: Stan Huff and Chris Chute
  • Vocabulary project management: Sarah Ryan
  • HL7's NLM Contract Officer: Mark McDougall

Information for experts wishing to sub-contract or volunteer to work on the project

The NLM Contract Task List contains the individual sub-tasks to be worked on. The technical proposal contains descriptive detail. In your proposal please reference these sub-tasks.
  • Work will be fulfilled by voluntary and contract personnel using the approved HL7 Policies/Procedures
  • For more information/to declare interest, subscribe to the HL7 Contract List Service
Thank you for your interest

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Downloadable Information

Please consult Policies 06.01.01, 02.03.01 and Procedure 02.03.01 for information related to Contract Work in the HL7 Policies and Procedures document.