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Manage My E-Mail Addresses

In order to follow a Work Group on our website, you must be subscribed to one of that Work Group's e-mail list services (listserv), and the e-mail address that you used to subscribe must be registered to your HL7.org account. To join a workgroup's listserv, visit the listserv subscription management page.

If you have subscribed to a listserv or joined a Work Group using an e-mail address other than your primary confirmed e-mail address, you will need to register and confirm that address in order for the site to properly associate your listserv subscription with your login. You can manage your registered e-mail addresses using the form below.

Employees of HL7 International Organizational Members are granted membership access on behalf of their organization by using their employer's email domain (this does not include access to the ballot desktop or voting privileges). You must have a confirmed (verified) email address that matches your employer's email domain to be granted membership benefits.

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