Guide to Using HL7 Trademarks

HL7® Trademark Usage Policy

HL7 trademarks represent the goodwill in the marketplace created over more than 30 years by HL7 through its members and collaborators to create a standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically.

Protection of the trademarks reinforces the connection between HL7 and its standards and the projects that they represent; protection of the product trademarks protects the quality of the standards and ensures that the marks are only used for activities that promote our mission. When HL7 members, collaborators and developers see one or more HL7 marks on a product, conference, publication, or seminar, they should be confident that those goods or services are of the highest quality, from the source of truth and reinforce and support our goals.

The goodwill supporting these marks has been generated by HL7 and its prolific and passionate volunteer community. To preserve the goodwill we have created, we have prepared this policy to meet the community's present and long-term needs. This policy (and your compliance with the policy) ensures that all uses of the marks are consistent with our mission and promote our movement.

This trademark policy embraces all free speech protections built into fair use trademark law to the broadest extent possible. The trademark policy also seeks to minimize the hurdles of trademark licensing, while nevertheless retaining the controls necessary to maintain the integrity of the marks.

The sections below explain who can use various trademarks and how to apply for a quick license should you wish to brand a product or event based on one of our standards. We may revoke the right to use the trademarks under this policy at any time by providing notice in any manner if we determine that a trademark use is inconsistent with our mission or could harm the trademarks, community members, movement organizations or HL7.

HL7® Word Marks

The follow acronyms, words or phrases without graphics (known as word marks) are trademarked by HL7:

Word Mark US Copyright Office Registration Number
HL7® 1755919
Health Level Seven® 1942063
FHIR® 4272380
CCD® 3937054
CDA® 3934034

Fair Use of HL7 Word Marks: Anyone may use HL7 word marks in fair use ways. Examples of acceptable fair uses of HL7 word mark are provided at When using HL7 word marks (e.g., "HL7", "FHIR", "CDA", etc.) for fair use:

  • Always include the trademark registration mark® after the first use of word marks each page
  • Include the following disclaimer on the webpages, material and other locations where such marks are used: "HL7®, and FHIR® are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International and their use of these trademarks does not constitute an endorsement by HL7."
  • Please refer to the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources as the "HL7® FHIR® standard". When referencing the HL7® FHIR® standard in a website, document, presentation, or otherwise in a place of prominence, refer to it as the "HL7® FHIR® standard". In subsequent uses, please refer to it as the "HL7® FHIR® standard" or "HL7® FHIR®", using the ® symbol as often as is practical, at least once on each page of printed matter, generally in connection with the first or dominant usage.

Use of the HL7 word marks to brand a product or event, are not allowed.


HL7 International Corporate and Product Family Logos

The following design marks (logos) are trademarked by HL7:

Design  US Copyright Registration Number
HL7® logo 2839888
FHIR® Flame Design 4652315
HL7 FHIR 2839888 + 4272380 + 2839888
HL7 CDA  Not yet registered
HL7 V2 Not yet registered

These design marks are available for use by HL7 International to identify its own products (such as standards) and events. They may be licensed for use by other organizations, with permission, when HL7 has agreed to co-host an event, be an event sponsor, or to identify HL7 as a member of a third-party organization. When used by third parties on a website, the HL7 corporate and product logos must link to the HL7 website. 

Use of the HL7 corporate and product family design marks (logos) to brand a product or event, is not allowed.

Request a license to use an HL7 corporate or product logo at the online HL7 trademark licensing site:

  1. HL7 Organizational Membership Logos - The HL7 membership logos are also design marks to which HL7 owns the copyright. Available for free to current organizational members of HL7 International, these marks identify the various organizational membership levels within HL7 (not available to affiliate members, who may be provided with realm-specific membership logos from their HL7 affiliate). Organizational members are authorized to use the appropriate membership logo for the term of their membership without requesting a license. Available member logos include: HL7 Organizational Member, HL7 Gold Member, HL7 Benefactor Member. Key members of HL7 International organization member can download the appropriate membership logos at:

  2. HL7 FHIR ACCELERATOR™ and Community Design Mark Licenses - Provided free of charge to organizations that have joined various HL7 communities.

    • HL7® Argonaut Project Logo – Trademarked by HL7, Argonaut members can request a license to use the Arognaut logo for any year during which they've paid membership dues by clicking here:

    • HL7® Da Vinci Project Logo – Trademarked by HL7, Da Vinci members can request a license to use the Da Vinci logo for any year during which they've paid membership dues by clicking here:

    • Vulcan Project Logo – Trademarked by HL7, Vulcan member can request a license to use the Vulcan logo for any year during which they've paid membership dues by clicking here: