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Section 1d: Version 2 (V2)
Section 3: Implementation Guides

V2.3 Implementation Support Guide


This document provides assistance to healthcare institutions, hospital information systems vendors, consultants, and other support groups that are considering systems development and implementation activities in a multi-system environment using the Health Level Seven (HL7) protocol.


This support guide includes the following information:

Planning Methodology Design and Implementation Methodology
Overview of HL7 Version 2.2  Overview of HL7 Version 2.3
HL7 Transaction Checklist  HL7 Message Diagrams
Lower Layer Protocols  Helpful Hints
Case Studies Sample Templates (RFI/RFP/Contract Points)



  • Healthcare IT Vendors
  • Healthcare Providers


  • Provides the methodologies and strategies for successful implementation of the Version 2.x standard


  • 95 of US healthcare organizations use HL7 Version 2.x
  • 35 countries have HL7 Version 2.x implementations


The Version 2 Messaging Standard is one of the most widely implemented standards for healthcare information in the world. The HL7 Standard is intended to standardize data interchanges, not the underlying applications systems.  This means that there will be a wide variety in the manner in which the Standard is applied in different institutions.


It is critical when planning for implementation of a multi-system environment that an overall systems strategy and technical architecture be established. These strategies will help guide the healthcare institution through critical issues such as how information technology will be utilized to support business goals and objectives.


Due to its widespread use, V2 will continue to play an integral part in healthcare messaging, even with the HL7 Version 3 (V3) Normative Edition. HL7 is committed to supporting and extending V2 in parallel with V3, providing continuity for current installations.


V2.3 Implementation Support Guide

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