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Patient Administration Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: Informative
Defines common extensions used with or related to the Patient resource
patient-mothersMaidenNamemothersMaidenName :

Mother's maiden (unmarried) name, commonly collected to help verify patient identity.

patient-birthPlacebirthPlace :

The registered place of birth of the patient. A sytem may use the address.text if they don't store the birthPlace address in discrete elements.

patient-birthTimebirthTime :

The time of day that the Patient was born. This includes the date to ensure that the timezone information can be communicated effectively.

patient-nationalitynationality :

The nationality of the patient.

patient-citizenshipcitizenship :

The patient's legal status as citizen of a country.

patient-cadavericDonorcadavericDonor :

Flag indicating whether the patient authorized the donation of body parts after death.

patient-congregationcongregation :

A group or place of religious practice that may provide services to the patient.

patient-adoptionInfoadoptionInfo :

Code indication the adoption status of the patient.

patient-disabilitydisability :

Value(s) identifying physical or mental condition(s) that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

patient-importanceimportance :

The importance of the patient (e.g. VIP).

patient-interpreterRequiredinterpreterRequired :

This Patient requires an interpreter to communicate healthcare information to the practitioner.

patient-religionreligion :

The patient's professed religious affiliations.

patient-relatedPersonrelatedPerson :

In some cases a will also be populated as a RelatedPerson resource. This linkage permits the linkage between the 2 resources to be able to accurately indicate a representation of the same individual, and updating details between could be appropriate.

patient-genderIdentitygenderIdentity :

The gender the patient identifies with. The Patient's gender identity is used as guidance (e.g. for staff) about how to interact with the patient.

patient-preferenceTypepreferenceType :

Indicates what mode of communication the patient prefers to use for the indicated language.

patient-animalanimal :

This patient is known to be an animal.

patient-proficiencyproficiency :

Proficiency level of the communication.

Search parameters defined by this package. See Searching for more information about searching in REST, messaging, and services.

agenumberSearches for patients based on age as calculated based on current date and date of birth. Deceased patients are excluded from the search.f:Patient/f:birthDateXML / JSON
birthOrderBooleantokenSearch based on whether a patient was part of a multiple birth or not.f:Patient/f:multipleBirthBoolean | f:Patient/f:multipleBirthIntegerXML / JSON
mothersMaidenNamestringSearch based on patient's mother's maiden nameXML / JSON