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HL7 Harmonization Meetings

Templates and Examples updated 9/18/2017
Download Harmonization Proposal Template/Example

V2 Tables Update From Most Recent Harmonization
V2 Material from December 2019 Harmonization

Initial Proposals
Submission due date finalized at the 2019SEP WGM is 2019-10-26, midnight Eastern

Final Proposals
Submission due date finalized at the 2019SEP WGM is 2019-11-29, midnight Eastern

Policy and Procedural Excerpts
Harmonization Process Overview

Upload Proposals

This area has been set aside for uploading harmonization proposals. Each proposal should have a matching initial and final proposal in order to be considered for harmonization. Only technical committee co-chairs should submit harmonization proposals. By uploading documents here, you are agreeing that the proposals have been discussed in an appropriate fashion with other committee members and co-chairs. All files will be renamed on the server to reflect the submitter, the committee and the submission type as it relates to the type of document you are uploaded as well as the time and date of the upload so every file is unique.

Sorry, but only committee co-chair access privileges will allow for the uploading harmonization documents. Currently, the website does not recognize you with that level of access. Please consult the Director of Technical Services with any questions.

Thank you.