HL7 Harmonization Meetings

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Initial Proposals
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Policy and Procedural Excerpts
Harmonization Process Overview

What is a harmonization meeting?

An essential characteristic of information modeling in HL7 is the objective of achieving a credible, comprehensive, and internally consistent representation of the information to be exchanged among computerized information systems in the healthcare domain. The model building process is designed to meet these objectives.

The Reference Information Model is the model of record for specification of the information content of HL7 messages. Contributions to the RIM are made by the HL7 Work Groups and by ANSI accredited Standards Developing Organizations (SDO). No changes are introduced to the RIM without first providing an opportunity for the entire HL7 working group to review and comment on the proposed change. Following a defined comment period, representatives from each Work Group review the proposed changes, along with any comments received from the working group. A consensus process is used to determine which of the proposed changes are actually applied to the RIM. This process, referred to as "harmonization," ensures that the RIM is a shared view of the entire working group.

Harmonization Updates via E-mail

We have created a new list service that will be used to announce the availability of harmonization proposals and which should be used exclusively for discussing those proposals that are posted. Anyone who is interested in being advised when RIM and/or Vocabulary proposals are posted should subscribe to this list. All discussions about the proposals should be confined to this list. This ensures that we have an archive of the discussions and that subscribers can go back through the archives to access any relevant discussions.

You can subscribe at any time by going to the List Server page from the HL7.org home page, or by clicking here.