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HL7 Genomics Conferences

Biochemist T. Michael Dexter said "mapping the human genome has been compared with putting a man on the moon, but I believe it is more than that. It is the outstanding achievement not only of our lifetime but in terms of human history." 

What are HL7 Genomics Conferences?

HL7 genomics conferences are a unique opportunity to discuss developments, interoperability needs and policy in a rapidly emerging field. The event is designed to gather thought leaders in the areas of genomics and policy. 

Why should I attend?

Genomics policy is a nascent discipline and there is a great need to inform the field and shape smart decision-making in industry and government. HL7 seeks to meet this need. Hear from thought leaders at the cross-section of interoperability and genetics as they address the policy issues of public genomics and healthcare, consumer genomics, and data interoperability from a national and international perspective. 

Who should attend a Genomics Conference?

HL7 genomics conferences are designed to provide powerful learning opportunities, impactful networking and intelligence for a broad range of healthcare stakeholders, including:

  • HL7 members
  • Genomics experts
  • Interoperability specialists
  • Field implementers and funders
  • Congressional and Administration staff 



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Additional Information

Interested in learning more about Genomics? Be sure to check out the genomics courses on the HL7 Education Portal: