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Clinical Information Interoperability Council

What is the Clinical Information Interoperability Council (CIIC)?

Does the lack of standardized data definitions hinder your ability to share data for patient care, registries, and research? If so, please join us at this critical meeting with your peers.

A number of groups have focused on this challenge in recent years, however, many have been working independently. This has resulted in a duplication of efforts and variations in data definitions.

Current efforts to share information between providers and with patients, public health authorities,  and researchers cannot effectively achieve their desired results without standardized data definitions and models. 

Interoperability depends on implementing the same data model across systems.

Health Level Seven (HL7) and the Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC) are convening a meeting of clinical societies, academics, and government representatives to make a plan for achieving full interoperability for healthcare data. This meeting is an extension of the work that began in the clinicians' track of the HL7 Partners in Interoperability meetings. 

The purpose of the CIIC is to obtain stakeholder commitment to work together to develop and use common data models for clinical data elements.

The goals of the CIIC meetings are to:

  • Define the problem to be addressed
  • Make a plan for defining common data elements (CDE) that can be shared and used across the healthcare continuum
  • Obtain commitments from attendees to:
    • Collaborate and share resources to reduce duplication efforts
    • Adopt CDEs
  • Establish a governance model including how to delegate responsibility for subject domains
  • Prioritize near-term work and identify next steps