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Welcome to the HL7 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Work Group's Home Page. HL7 originally established an EHR special interest group (SIG) in 2001 to begin its efforts on EHR Systems (EHR-S) standards. Given the growing importance of EHR standards, HL7 elevated the SIG to Work Group status.

This site is a gateway for information related to the ongoing HL7's Electronic Health Record Systems standards development work. You will find information describing the Work Group's work, how to get involved in a project, how to contribute to the ANSI-approved EHR-S Functional Model (EHR-S FM), the Personal Health Record Systems Functional Model (PHR-S FM) and future ballots. Use the navigation menu in the left margin to read up on the work performed by the HL7 EHR Work Group and the numerous technical, policy, and care provider contributors.


The HL7 Electronic Health Record Work Group and Structured Documents Work Group are sponsoring a project to develop an XSLT style sheet to define the conversion of an HL7 Continuity of Care Document (CCD) to a VA Blue Button® ASCII text. Because most Meaningful Use-certified systems have CCD-export capabilities, the style sheet tool should provide an effective way for some to provide a Blue Button option. See the links below for more detail.

HL7 is pleased to announce the current in-process ballot process and ongoing work on the EHR-S Functional Model Standard, Release 2 (EHR-S FM R2). This work enhances the current joint ISO/HL7 EHR-S FM Release 1.1 by incorporating input from functional profiles, CCHIT certification criteria, EHR Interoperability Model DSTU and EHR Life Cycle Model DSTU, and additional content recommended and developed as a result of the R1.1 joint ISO/HL7 ballot comments. See the HL7 EHR WG wiki for more detail.

The EHR work group has begun work on the HL7 Personal Health Record System Functional Model, to promote the current DSTU to a Normative standard and to seek a joint ballot with through ISO TC215 under the ISO/HL7 Pilot Agreement. See the HL7 EHR wiki for more detail.

The HL7 EHR Work Group is pleased to announce the inclusion of the Pharmacy/Pharmacy Profile to the list of available EHR Functional Profiles that conform to the EHR-S FM Standard. Anyone can use the EHR Profiles list to view or search for an EHR System Functional Profile. Currently, there are six available profiles, including the Clinical Research, Behavioral Health, Long Term Care, Child Health and Records Management and Evidentiary Support.

See the link below to access the EHR Profiles list.

The Coming to Terms: Scoping Interoperability for Healthcare whitepaper and supporting documents are now available as a "package" of files.

See link listed below to access this excellent resource

Getting Familiar with EHR

The goal of the EHR Work Group is to further the HL7 mission of designing standards to support the exchange of information for clinical decisions and treatments, and help lay the groundwork for nationwide interoperability by providing common language parameters that can be used in developing systems that support electronic records.

The HL7 EHR WG Mission and Charter explains the goals and work products of the EHR WG. Other background resources includes the following:

List Service

Join the EHR WG general list to receive weekly meeting agendas, calls for participation, and latest news and event announcements. All are encouraged and welcome to join in ongoing discussions.

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How to Get Involved

  • Join the EHR Email Lists
  • Attend our Quarterly meetings at HL7 events
  • Participate in the HL7 Weekly Teleconference Meetings (recurring each Tuesday, 3:30 pm ET)
  • Contribute or help lead an EHR WG project team effort by contacting an EHR WG Co-Chair (Participation)

Tuesdays, 3:30 PM ET

Wednesdays, 12:00 PM ET

See HL7 Conference Call Center for details on project team calls

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