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Upload Date Document Title and Description Download/View
10/10/2007 Instructions for Paid Participation in HL7 Ballots. Download File
  This PDF contains instructions for non-member (paid) participation in HL7 ballots. It explains how to navigate to the HL7 Ballot Desktop, create a non-member profile, select ballots, and initiate payment.
8/20/2007 ONC/AHIC/HITSP Use Case Alignment w/HL7 EHR/PHR Models - DRAFT for Comment Download File
  This zipped file contains the Alignment Package.
1/24/2006 EHR Interoperability Model Public Comment documents January 2006 Download File
  This zipped file contains an Overview, Reader's Guide, and the 2006 Public Comment version of the EHR Interoperability Model.
1/11/2005 EHR e-Prescribing Comment Package Download File
  This zipped file contains an Overview and a Minimum Function Set List.
12/22/2004 EHR Conformance Criteria Download File
  This zipped file contains the draft “Conformance Clause” and draft “How To Guide” for developing conformance criteria as part of the maturation cycle for the HL7 EHR System Functional Model DSTU.
02/16/2004 EHR DSTU 2 Open Comment Announcement Download File
  Announcement for the HIMSS Open Comment session for the EHR DSTU Pre-Ballot Functional Model. The sessions will be held during the 2004 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition (February 22 -26 - Orlando, FL). These sessions will be facilitated by Donald T. Mon, PhD - Vice President, Practice Leadership American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Each session will include hands-on review of the EHR Functional Model. Presentation materials will be provided at each session.
01/07/2004 Electronic Health Record Functional Descriptors Download File
  The HL7 EHR System Functional Model and Standard list of functional statements is available for review. Please review this document and in preparation for January HL7 EHR SIG meeting.
11/05/2003 EHR SIG Memphis Document Archive View
  A library of documents related to the EHR SIG meetings at the HL7 Plenary in Memphis including copies of all ballots submitted, Functional Triplets, attendance, and presentations provided during the meetings.
10/30/2003 Memphis Agreements Document Download File
  A consolidation of decisions and agreements made during the HL7 Plenary in Memphis. These agreements serve as the foundation for the development of the second EHR DSTU Ballot.

09/29/2003 EHR - The meeting in Memphis and where we go from here Download File
  Summation email from the EHR Co-Chairs that details the Memphis meetings and future steps.

09/24/2003 High-level definitions from EHR Meetings View
  As per the HL7 EHR SIG presentation by Dipak Kalra. The High level classification of EHR Functions into 3 distinct groups: Care Delivery, Supportive, Infostructure that serves the scope and clarification requirements.

09/19/2003 EHR DSTU Comments submitted via email Download File
  Those comments provided via the HL7 Online Balloting form.

09/19/2003 HL7 Plenary: EHR SIG Meetings, Sept. 9 - 11 (Consolidate Attendance List) Download File
  The consolidated attendance list compiled from daily/quarterly sign-in sheets distributed at the beginning of each meeting Quarter.

09/19/2003 Functions Outline View
  A starting outline of functions based on collaborative input at the meeting that serves as the key simplification requirement.

09/18/2003 Priority Definitions View
  The Functional "Priority" definitions constructed at the meeting by the group that serves the redefinition and clarification requirement.

09/18/2003 Alternative Concepts of Functional Heirarchies Download File
  This spreadsheet captures the content as well as the processes used during the meeting to examine an alternative to the concepts of Functional Heirarchies.

09/04/2003 The EHR SIG Meeting Agenda for the Memphis 2003 HL7 Plenary and Working Group Meeting Download File
  Agenda details for the HL7 Electronic Health Records Special Interest Group.

08/27/2003 The EHR Ballot Draft Executive Summary Download File
  Answers to questions like "Who is leading the effort" and "What should I be looking for?"

07/10/2003 The EHR Systems Functional Model and Standard Initiative

Download File
At the April Working Group Meetings in Cleveland, the HL7 board authorized the EHR SIG to accelerate the development of a functional model of the electronic health record (EHR). The catalyst for acceleration was a request by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This has developed into a public/private collaboration with HIMSS, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supporting ...

07/16/2003 The Basics of Health Level Seven Balloting Download File
Learn about how HL7 ballots and why.


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