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HL7 Strategic Initiatives, Projects and Comments

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The HL7 Strategic Initiatives document is a business plan for our products and services and was designed specifically to meet the business needs of our members and stakeholders. Derived from collaborative efforts with our members, government and non-government agencies and other standards development organizations, the Strategic Initiatives are comprised of five high-level organizational strategies that are supported by a detailed tactical plan with clearly defined objectives, milestones, and metrics for success.

View the HL7 Strategic Initiatives:

Strategic Initiatives (97 KB)

View the Strategic Initiatives Process:

Strategic Initiatives Process (219 KB)

(This presentation describes an end to end process for managing (creating, prioritizing, funding, etc) HL7’s Strategic Initiatives tasks.)

View the HL7 Strategic Initiatives Dashboard Project:

HL7 Strategic Initiatives Dashboard Project

We encourage all Work Groups and member to review these materials, discuss it within their Steering Divisions, and provide feedback via the comments site. More details on downloading and commenting on the Strategic Initiatives is provided below.

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Document Comments Close Date

Roadmap Strategies - V2.2 (150 KB)

Comments Dec 31, 2020

Roadmap Plan - Complete List of Projects by Target Date

Comments Dec 31, 2010

Strategic Initiatives & Roadmap Process

Comments Dec 31, 2010

Strategic Initiatives

Comments Dec 31, 2010

Roadmap Projects - January 2009

Comments Feb 28, 2009

Roadmap Plan 2008Sep11

Comments Oct 31, 2008

Technical Plan, Task List - 25 August 2008

Comments Sep 16, 2008

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