Version 2 Certification

HL7 Version 2 (V2) is the most widely implemented healthcare standard in the world. 95% of US healthcare organizations use it and more than 35 countries have V2 implementations. This is especially true in the exchange of orders, results, admission/discharge/transfer (ADT) and public health communication.

Why get V2 certified?

HL7 V2 certification will help you achieve industry-recognized levels of proficiency and expertise. Increase your career opportunities and stand out from the crowd by becoming HL7-certified.

The V2.8 Control Specialist exam tests proficiency of the Control chapter of the HL7 V2 standard. To pass, you will need to read and review V2 specifications and derivative implementation guides, identify components of messages as well as explain how messages are formatted, exchanged and interpreted.

Prerequisites and Fees

There are no prerequisites required to take the V2.8 Control Specialist exam. However, we strongly recommend a combination of courses, study resources and practical experience to prepare yourself for the exam. View certification exam fees. All HL7 certification and proficiency exams are approved by the VA for reimbursement for eligible veterans. More information is available here.

Recommended Courses

HL7 Fundamentals Course
This online introductory 12-week course is offered three times per year. It addresses HL7 standards for creating and exchanging healthcare information, including V2, V3, CDA® and Fast Healthcare Interoperabiilty Resources (FHIR®).

Introduction to Version 2 (Part 1)
Part 1 introduces students to HL7 and the basic concepts of Version 2. It discusses the structure of the standard and covers two of the standard's fundamental chapters: Control and Patient Administration.

Introduction to Version 2 (Part 2)
Part 2 provides students with an overview of the Version 2 Orders and Observations messages and major concepts and provides a sampling of the type of information that can be communicated using these messages.

Version 2.8 Certificate Exam Preparation (Parts 1 &2)
This 2-part class takes a deep dive into the message definition and processing rules and data type definitions of the Control chapters of the HL7 Version 2 standard.

Experience Opportunities

HL7 Work Groups
Volunteer for an HL7 work group and participate by developing a standards specification.

HL7 Working Group Meetings
Attend one of our working group meetings held three times per year at various locations across the U.S. and the globe.


Cancellation Policy

To be eligible for a refund minus the $50 cancellation fee, you must cancel 120 hours before the examination date. However, if you reschedule or cancel within 120 hours, you will be assessed a $95 fee. No shows will not be eligible for any refund.

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Show the World You Have Standards

Pass the HL7 V2 certification exam and earn your V2 badge for displaying on LinkedIn or other online media.

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