Health Level Seven Fellowship Program


The purpose of the HL7 Fellows Program is to recognize outstanding commitment and sustained contribution to Health Level Seven International. Contributions to HL7 may be reflected through serving as a working group or committee co-chair, serving on the board, receiving the W. Ed Hammond Volunteer of the Year award, serving as an Ambassador, making a presentation about HL7, publishing a paper about HL7, or other visible activity. The HL7 Fellows will represent the leadership of HL7 in the development of health information standards.

Each Fellow is presented with a certificate suitable for framing and an HL7 Fellows Pin. They are recognized on the HL7 Fellowship Program web page. They are encouraged to include FHL7 after their name.

View a history of the HL7 Fellowship Program.

Election of New Fellows

Each year the HL7 staff will produce a list of members who meet the requirement of 15 years of membership which will include each member's status on the criteria noted above. The currently elected fellows will vote, by yes or no, if each individual should be elected. Those who receive a majority of yes votes will form the new class of Fellows. These criteria and this process may be modified as appropriate by a majority vote of existing fellows.

HL7 Fellowship Award Recipients