FHIR Accelerator badge The HL7 FHIR ACCELERATOR program is designed to assist communities and collaborative groups across the global health care spectrum in the creation and adoption of high quality FHIR Implementation Guides or other standard artifacts to move toward the realization of global health data interoperability.

HL7 FHIR ACCELERATORs operate within the HL7 organization, but they are separate initiatives from regular HL7 International initiatives.

  • Participation in FHIR Accelerators is open to all
  • Paid membership in an Accelerator allows engagement and input on the work that will be undertaken by the Accelerator
  • Paid membership in an Accelerator does not include a membership in HL7 International (and its related privileges, including voting on the implementation guides created by the Accelerator and balloted through the HL7 process)
  • HL7 membership does not include membership privileges within any of the FHIR Accelerators


HL7 FHIR has gained rapid acceptance on a global scale as an unprecedented, innovative platform standard that can truly enable health data interoperability. Since its inception, FHIR standards development has focused on practical implementation and adoption. As an increasing array of use cases emerges, end users and implementers across the health care spectrum are eager to apply the robust capabilities of FHIR to address discrete business needs in their own business areas. HL7 has served as a global convener for standards development to advance effective use of FHIR in meeting the needs of stakeholders in the global healthcare ecosystem.


HL7 will help convene and work with communities and implementers with an interest in using FHIR to address common use cases. HL7's Accelerator service will help such communities initiate and efficiently navigate through the standards development process by providing guidance on how to navigate and work with HL7 work groups, product families and project teams. The program also provides basic team collaboration infrastructure tools and a range of other optional support services for Accelerator groups based on their own needs, ranging from self-service guidelines, to contracted project and/or financial management, contracting with SMEs, and other project and infrastructure services.



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