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Active Informative Ballot Items for Pharmacy

This report generated on: October 5, 2015

An 'Active' Ballot Item is any ballot item that meets the following criteria.

February-May 2014 Ballot Cycles

HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® R2: Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Templates, Release 1 – US Realm
Ballot Tally Page: CDAR2_IG_MTMTEMP_R1_I2_2014MAY Project Insight Reference ID: 842
Tally Summary
Negative   Affirmative   Withdraw   Total Affirmatives   Needed for Passage
2   19 + 1 = 20   13
Reconciliation Package

Total Active Informative Documents: 1

Legend and Additional Information

Important Note Only the last ballot of an item is displayed in this list. If you need to refer to an earlier ballot of any item, you will need to use the Ballot Desktop and navigate to the Tally page of that ballot.
Active In this context, "active" refers to any item that has balloted at least once, but has not been published and has not been withdrawn as a project by the sponsoring WG.
Publication Requests If you feel an item has completed balloting and is ready to be published, you can submit a publication request using the Publication Request Template.
Ballot Tally Page This link will jump you to the Ballot Tally Page for the listed item to allow you to review the ballot tally. The code highlighted in the link is the Unique Ballot ID for the item.
Project Insight Reference ID The Project Insight Reference ID references the HL7 project this ballot item is associated with. More than a single ballot item may reference a single project. The link will jump to the Project Summary page for a project.
Tally Summary The Tally Summary lists the current ballot tally, ignoring any Abstain, No Returns and Removed values as these are not relevant to the final ballot outcome. Withdraws count as Affirmatives, although they are split out to illustrate how the ballot has fared after the ballot close.
Needed for Passage Needed for Passage displays the 'raw' number of votes a ballot needs to pass. If the total number of Affirmatives and Withdraws do not exceed this number, it will display in red. If the total number of Affirmatives and Withdraws do exceed this number, it will display in green. A green number does not necessarily mean that a ballot has passed, but it does mean that a WG should review the ballot and determine whether the actual status of the ballot.
Approval Levels Normative: 75%
Informative and DSTU: 60%