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Enhancing FHIR to address Social Services and Social Determinants (Jira PSS- 2248) Sponsor(s):
Human and Social Services Work Group

FHIR Infrastructure Work Group, FHIR Management Group
The objective of this project is to determine the best path forward for implementing FHIR- based solutions that need to address Social Determinant needs and work with organizations that provide those services while retaining the current FHIR capability to . . . Ken Lord Awaiting Approval Oct 31, 2023 Active Project (Resources assigned to pjt)
Project to increase consistency & quality of FHIR- authored implementation guides (Jira PSS- 1807) Sponsor(s):
FHIR Infrastructure Work Group

CDA Management Group, FHIR Management Group, Infrastructure and Messaging Work Group, Modeling and Methodology Work Group
Work groups and accelerators are now creating a significant volume of FHIR implementation guides. The templates and tooling are also increasingly being used by organizations, SDOs and other stakeholders outside HL7 international. These guides have largely. . . Lloyd Mc Kenzie Aug 20, 2021 Aug 20, 2021 Active Project (Resources assigned to pjt)
Single Institutional Review Board Project (s IRB) (PSS in Confluence) Sponsor(s):
Biomedical Research and Regulation Work Group

Clinical Interoperability Council Work Group, FHIR Infrastructure Work Group, FHIR Management Group
We will develop, test and evaluate data standards to move data and documents from clinical research sites to a single ethics review board in support of the 'NIH Policy on the Use of a Single Institutional Review Board for Multi- Site Research. ' The scope . . . Anita Walden and Ed Hammond Nov 22, 2019 Dec 2, 2019 STU - Test Period/Accepting Comments
v2- To- FHIR (PSS in Confluence) Sponsor(s):
Orders and Observations Work Group

Clinical Genomics Work Group, Conformance Work Group, Devices Work Group, FHIR Management Group, Financial Management Work Group, Modeling and Methodology Work Group, Patient Administration Work Group, Patient Care Work Group, Pharmacy Work Group, Public Health Work Group, Services Oriented Architecture Work Group
With the advent of HL7 FHIR, a definitive mapping of HL7 V2 components to HL7 FHIR components would aid in the consistent transition of data communicated using either standard, while creating a starting point for those interested to convert HL7 V2 message. . . Hans Buitendijk Oct 1, 2018 Jan 28, 2019 STU - Reconcile
FHIR Ontology and RDF Resource Representation Project Sponsor(s):
Implementable Technology Specifications Work Group

FHIR Management Group
The FHIR Ontology and RDF Resource Representation Project aims to introduce a new FHIR RDF resource representation to supplement existing ones (XML/JSON). This project shall produce the following core deliverables: 1. An algorithm for expressing FHIR stru. . . David Booth May 11, 2015 Awaiting Approval Active Project (Resources assigned to pjt)
FHIR DSTU Ballot (Jira PSS- 1955) Sponsor(s):
FHIR Management Group

Modeling and Methodology Work Group
This project will document the core elements of the FHIR specification, including aspects of the methodology resulting from the FHIR methodology project and combine this content with resources defined by various HL7 committee resources. This combination o. . . Grahame Grieve May 29, 2012 Jun 11, 2012 STU - Test Period/Accepting Comments
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