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CDA Management Group


The Clinical Document Architecture Management Group (CMG) provides day-to-day oversight of the processes related to Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) products throughout their lifecycle. This includes ensuring CDA product quality, monitoring scope and consistency with Techinal Steering Committee (TSC) principles and aiding in the resolution of CDA related intra and inter-work group issues.


The CMG will focus its energy on enabling and ensuring the following:

·         CDA development is coordinated and consistent across the organization and of high quality

·         Work groups have timely feedback and guidance and their development of CDA products are aligned with the broader goals of HL7 and its constituent communities

·         Work groups act in a coordinated manner with quick resolution of CDA related disputes

·         Work groups understand what is expected of them and have access to the skills and tools necessary to perform their domain specific CDA related work

·         Known Product Family risks are recorded, managed, and reviewed regularly per the TSC precept on vitality assessment.

Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes

Primary activities of the CMG include:

·         All planning aspects of product line/family changes

o   Develop and maintain an inventory of products in the product family (inclusive of more detailed components)

·         Assessing and approving product line-specific project proposals for submission to the TSC

·         Assessing and approving publishing requests for submission to the TSC

·         Creating Product recommendations which may include:

o   CDA IG recommendations

·         Ensure that quality assurance criteria are in place and applied

·         Escalation of unresolved issues to the TSC .

·         Define priorities within the priority management criteria defined by the TSC and HL7 Board of Directors

·         Support activities such as education and connectathons

·         Implementation guidance for the appropriate use of products

Additional activities may include:

·         Propose to TSC, as needed, precepts for the product family and adhere to those established by the TSC

·         Ensures work done on the CDA Base Standard is consistent with the constructs of V3 modeling and methodology 

Formal Relationships With Other HL7 Groups

·         The CMG reports to the TSC

·         The CMG is responsible for adhering to precepts established by the TSC

·         The CMG provides advice and recommendations to the TSC

·         The CMG coordinates with the group responsible for CDA Product Family Methodology 

Formal Relationship With Groups Outside of HL7

The CMG has no formal relationships with groups outside HL7.

Decision Making Practices Addendum

Decision Making Practices Addendum (22 KB)

Date of Last Revision

March 20, 2023