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Terminology Infrastructure Work Group

Below is a list of the current products this work group is stewarding.

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HL7 Informative Document: Gender Harmony - Modeling Sex and Gender Representation, Release 1

Health care is increasingly turning to technology to help improve systems and processes to benefit patients and their health. Ongoing efforts supported by governing agencies and standards committees are responding to the demonstrated need through standards that allow for seamle...

HL7 Logical Model: Standardized Terminology Knowledgebase, Release 1

This specification describes the requirements needed to manage terminology produced by a variety of organizations across the healthcare enterprise. The healthcare enterprise needs an extensive terminology foundation and the ability to implement extensions to support diverse inform...

HL7 Specification: Characteristics of a Value Set Definition, Release 1

This document describes the data elements that formally define and characterize (describe) how to create an HL7 conformant value set. These include: the metadata used to identify and define a value set definition, example functions that can be used to construct a value set definition expres...

HL7 V2 Implementation Guide Quality Criteria, Release 1

This publication defines clear quality criteria for HL7 Version 2 implementation guides. These criteria are applied by the implementation guide authors and the appropriate HL7 committees as HL7 v2 implementation guides move through the standardization and publication processes. This public...

HL7 Version 3 Implementation Guide: TermInfo - Using SNOMED CT in CDA R2 Models, Release 1

The purpose of this guide is to ensure that HL7 Version 3 standards, particularly CDA R2, achieve their stated goal of semantic interoperability when used to communicate clinical information that is represented using concepts from SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT).&n...

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